Official Rules of the Forum


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Official Rules of the Forum

Post by The4KGamer on Thu Feb 25, 2016 6:00 am

Forum Rules

Welcome to the Forums!!

Here you can discuss nearly any and everything. Please take the time to read through all of our rules below before posting to ensure that you get the maximum out of your stay.

While we'll strive to announce any changes to the rules, please check back in every now and then to see if rules have been altered.

Rule #1: Do not double post.
If you want to change something in your reply, please use the edit button in the upper right-hand corner of the post. Everyone knows what an edit button is, so please don't make excuses like "Oops, forgive me for double posting, but I forgot to say ... so and so". An excuse like that only means that you're aware that what you're doing is wrong, and thus makes the offense worse. If you continually double post, you will receive a warning for creating unnecessary work for our moderators.

Rule #2: No spamming.
Do not make one word replies to topics outside of the spamming area. Your post will be deleted and you may receive a warning.

Rule #3: Language.
Keep it to PG-13. You never know what the age is of the other people on the forum so please try and keep it down, okay? I'm not saying swearing isn't allowed; this is the internet, after all. I'm only asking that you keep it down to an appropriate level.

Rule #4: Observe other Forum Rules.
Please be sure to check out the rules for other areas of the forum such as Signature of the Week, and the Helpdesk before posting.

Rule #5: Affiliates and Advertising
We do not affiliate with other sites, and for the most part, we forbid advertising. However, if you wish to put a small link or image in your signature linking to your site, that is acceptable. Anything we consider excessive will be removed.

Rule #6: Stay on topic.
Now, I know we can all trail from a subject at times, but let's try our hardest not to stray from the topic at hand. If you think a topic is going overly off topic, then please pm a moderator and ask him/her to move the offending posts to a new topic for the subject.

Rule #7: Do not try and be a mod or tell the mods how to do their job.
Admins and mods will decide if and when a certain action is necessary. If you notice something the moderators or admins might have overlooked, then please report it using the report button, which is in the upper right-hand corner of every post.

Rule #8: Do not ask to be made a moderator or administrator.
If it becomes necessary for us to induct more members into our Staff, we will choose who. Asking us is sure way to never become a staff member.

Rule #9: Respect the opinion(s) of others.
Have fun and enjoy yourself. Get along with other members and meet new people. That's what this forum is for. Do not fight and "flame" other members. Just as you are entitled to your opinion, everyone else is entitled to express theirs, so please respect the opinions of others. If someone is harassing you, please take it up with an administrator.

Rule #10: Signature and Avatar Size.
- Signatures: The max size is 500px x 300px (Width x Height) for all images. If your signature is a decent size, you may have 2 signatures maximum. Userbars are permitted but don't go overboard. Remember that excessively large signatures stretches the page and may inconvenience users - yourself included.
- Avatars: The max size is 200px x 200px.
If we think the size of your signature/avatar/userbar/other graphic is excessive or inappropriate, we reserve the right to remove it.

Rule #11: We are not a download site.
Do not link to or request ANY copyrighted material. This includes all kinds of warez, anime, television shows, movies, music, etc. etc.
This is purely a discussion forum.

Rule #12: No proxies or fake email addresses.
Do not use proxies or fake email addresses to sign up or access the forum. Ignoring this rule will result in an automatic ban.

It is advisable to check out the FAQ for further forum information to help you on your way. Thank you for taking the time to read and observe our simple rules.
We hope that you'll introduce yourself, so that we can get to know you better

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